A CDGE, Great Decisions and IT Collaboration


Join us at the College of Wooster CoRE on Monday February 27, 2012. President Cornwell will reflect with Robin Wright, and Rami Khouri (live from Lebanon via video conference) on the topic “One Year After the Arab Spring”. This event is a collaboration between Center for Diversity and Global Engagement, Great Decisions of Wayne County and Instructional and Informational Technology .

4:30pm As it happens, live from the CoRE with Robin Wright and Rami Khouri. (Reservation required)
5:45pm. Middle Eastern Buffet Dinner at Freedlander Theatre Lobby. (Reservation required)


7:30pm. Great Decisions Lecture by Robin Wright. McGaw Chapel. (No reservation required, free and open to the public)


Students from Intermediate Macroeconomics (Econ 202) and Islam, Terrorism and Oil (PsCi  will be uploading their perspectives onto this website as well.

 Live Blog